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Collaboration Necklace March 15, 2011

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So this unfinished necklace has a wonderful story.  And if you’d have ever told me that I’d be designing jewelry with my machinist brother, I’d have said,’You’re nuts!’ However, he’s been very interested and supportive of what I do and gave me a 10 foot roll of copper tubing to play with.  A couple of weeks ago, he brought me some cooper pieces he’d stamped using tools in the shop where he works.  Asked me what I thought and what ideas I had for designs.  So after some discussion about my idea for a tube bead necklace, he took a length of the tubing back to the shop and cut it into beads and stamped on the designs and brought me back the results.  Voila!  Here’s a partial necklace made from some of the work after they were oxidized, scrubbed with OOOO steel wool and shined with a polishing cloth.  Used a product called Renaissance Wax (developed at the British Museum research department for use on museum pieces) to protect the patina. I’m thinking I’ll finish it off with some purchased chain but with  a hand made clasp to keep the organic look.  I love the faintly Asian look to the design as well.  Way to go, bro!

To see the finished necklace, go to the Custom page.

And, this necklace and story was featured in the Jewelry Business Success newsletter last month.  Thank you, Rena!

****Click on the image to enlarge and see the details.

This photo also shows some copper washers                           my brother stamped.  Think they would make                       some beautiful links for a necklace, bracelet,                         or earrings.


3 Responses to “Collaboration Necklace”

  1. Susie Says:

    This is one of the most unique ideas, I love these smashed copper tube beads!
    This is my first time here and i”m adding your blog to my scanty list of blogs worth keeping an eye on!


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