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Torched! April 9, 2011

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Today was a day to be very brave.  After retrieving my micro torch that I haven’t used in two years from the shelf in my bedroom, I decided to try out something new with the copper components I’ve been working with lately.  Applying flame to the copper produces gorgeous colors…blues, greens, purples, pinks, even reds and golds.  It’s difficult, actually impossible to completely control the outcome.  After some experimenting some, my brother suggested using a spray bottle of water to quickly cool down the copper and stop the color change.

So with torch in one hand and a spray bottle in the other, I fearlessly and happily fired away.  So much fun to watch what happens to the colors.  Like magic.  Here’s a little sample, however, the camera doesn’t do them justice, I think.  The colors on the copper change as the light hits at different angles.



One Response to “Torched!”

  1. Dorothy N Hubbard Says:

    I really like the results of the earring parts and the other earrings. I too like you feel the same way about the torch. I just purchase my torch a few month back waiting until it get warm to work in my studio/garage. Seeing what you did I better get a move on. Just love it!!!

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