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Pinterest April 20, 2011

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This post is about a neat little site that I’ve enjoyed ‘storing’ various ideas and inspirations on ‘bulletin boards’.  Pardon the quotation marks, but after you visit the site, you’ll understand why they are appropriate.  Pinterest allows me to PIN a photo from a website to one of my bulletin boards.  For example, I love buttons and have a board I named BUTTON BUTTON.  When I see a cool idea using buttons, I can store the web site by saving or ‘pinning’  the picture (with link)  on the board.  I have maybe a dozen different boards like, FAVORITE QUOTES, FOOD I WANT TO MAKE, BOOK ART…

I like this option much better than saving URLs for things.  This site saves the picture and when I click on the photo, it opens up the web page I saved.  Nifty!

If you want to take a peek at my boards,

If you want to start ‘pinning’ for yourself, there’s a directions on the site to get an invitation.


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