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Confession May 12, 2011

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First, a confession.  Of all the possible jewelry making techniques I want to learn, one that doesn’t hold any appeal for me involves bead weaving with tiny seed beads.  While I admire the skill of those who excel at this, I think it would drive me mad( or blind) to work with all those minute beads that roll around or stick to your clothes and skin.   So I usually walk right on past the displays of seed beads to get to the natural stones, pearls, and crystals.   Oh, and in case you are new to blog sites,  just click on the image to enlarge it.

Newflash!  Seed beads come in different sizes, are inexpensive, and have amazing colors.  I’ve found them perfect for this new ‘inside wrapping’ style that’s my current favorite.  Here’s a look at two more pairs of earrings.  The only difficulty is that you get about 500 beads in a tube (never actually counted them)…so, what to do with all the rest?  Ideas?

My sister-in-law, Jeanie, said the ones on the right look like tiny bubbles.  Hoops and ear wires are handcrafted.


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