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Chain Holder May 26, 2011

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I thought I’d share this handy chain holder that my husband made for me.  This gadget can be purchased on many jewelry supply sites, but he kindly offered to make me one out of scrap wood in the garage.  (the lovely man even sanded it for me)  I realized after making the first bridesmaid necklace…six altogether…that I was going to need something to keep this scalloped chain straight as I hung the crystals on, because it kept twisting and spinning as I worked on it. (See Custom orders)  So time consuming to lay it out straight again every time a new crystal was added.  Yikes!

So, now I hang all the crystals at once and then unhook one end and start finishing all the wrapped loops, moving up the chain.  Easy, peasy.  Added bonus is being able to easily keep track of the bead pattern at a glance.  This photo is the very last necklace!

The hooks are small nails that he snipped the heads off and slightly bent upward, after he pounded them onto the posts.  It’s very stable and I love it!  Thank you, honey!


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