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Fun With Fire! June 26, 2011

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Always a joy to learn something new ( or get a second chance to relearn something).  Yesterday, I retook a class in soldering with sterling silver.  I’d taken one about two years ago, but was too nervous to pick up the torch at home.  However, after recently using my micro butane torch to heat patina copper pieces, I decided I was brave enough to try soldering again.  So…these earrings are the product of yesterday’s class and I give Kristi of The Bouncing Bead grateful thanks for her teaching and encouragement.  She even offered to show us how to use a tumbler to harden and shine the jewelry.  Now, I really want to add a tumbler to my home workshop.  Love what a mere10 minutes did for the earrings. These are made with 18 gauge wire, forged and textured after soldering, and handmade ear wires. Still need to practice, practice on getting the ends nice and tight for a solid join.  But, I ready to go to work!


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