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Catching fire! June 28, 2011

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Decided to switch to copper today and added a patina to these hammered copper washers with the heat from the torch.  Still awed by the amazing colors and still learning how to control it. I think I wrote once how I use the torch in one hand and a spray bottle of water in the other to stop the color changing.  It happens so fast.  The trick is to get somewhat the same colors in both earrings.  I thought about adding a bead or stone to these, but decided to let them stand on their own beauty.


2 Responses to “Catching fire!”

  1. Dawn McCreary Says:

    I love what you’ve done with these copper earrings!! Just thought I’d say that your post has convinced me to put my fears aside and try using a mini torch. I ordered one online today!! Thank you for sharing your experience and giving me the courage to try it.

    Dawn McCreary

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