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Big Blue Blog Give Away! August 1, 2011

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As promised, I selected two designs for this first give away.  One is sleek, and modern with blue glass beads. The other swirly and romantic with fresh water pearls.  Both pair are handmade by me and made with sterling silver. The winner will have their choice of earrings.  Now for the few rules to win this thing.

1.  To be eligible, you must reside in the U.S. or Canada.

2.  To enter, just leave a comment on this post about which of these earrings you would        choose as the winner.   I’d love to read these.  Just scroll to the bottom of this     post and click “add comment”.  Be sure you add your email where prompted. Your email address is seen only by me. One entry per person please.

3.  Entries must be posted by Monday, August 22, 2011 at 12:00 noon Pacific Standard       Time.  That’s three weeks from today, August 1st.

4.  The winner will be selected by  They will be contacted by the email       listed in the comment and have one week from that date to respond.  Arrangements    will be made to securely package and mail the winner’s choice.  If I don’t hear from them,    then another winner will be selected and contacted under the same procedure.

If this is a little bit of fun for you, I hope to do it several times a year.  So, let’s get started!

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14 Responses to “Big Blue Blog Give Away!”

  1. Sharon L. Ward Says:

    They are both beautiful earring – but I am more drawn to the ones on the right side with the squiggle. Love the movement they would have dangling from the ears! The color of the bead would go with any color worn – great neutral and easily dressed up or with jeans!- I ran into a woman in CostCo about 6 weeks ago – stopped her and asked where she got her beautiful earrings. She didn’t have the pertinent info with her and I gave her my email address to let me know. We corresponded – got your info – but since then lost my job and really don’t have the extra money to buy a pair right now! I’ve been following your work – and all your jewelry is beautiful – and anyone would be fortunate to own them – I would wear them proudly – and hope someone stops me – like I did your friend (Judy) – and pass the word to them where they can get such great pieces of jewelry!
    Thanks so much – I love looking at your jewelry and hope to have my own some day!

  2. Noreen Says:

    I really like the ones on the right – the swirl appeals to me. And because I really like simple designs, I like that it has just one bead. Thanks for the chance to win them!

  3. Victoria Sturdevant Says:

    I love them both. The blue pearls are my fave.

  4. Elayne Says:

    Wow, I love them both. The ones on the left have the MOST unique earwire I’ve ever seen seen. But I’m going to chose the second pair, reminds me of a musical note, very fluid lines. Pretty colour bead too!!

  5. I love them both too! I especially like seeing them side by side here, because their lines are in such contrast – one angular, the other all curves. Wishing you every success with your blog party, Lynda! :o)

  6. Suzan Evans Says:

    Hi There
    Being a jewellery artist myself and making my own wires as well wearing another jewellery artist design would be very special as i know all goes into making them.

    All the best
    Suzan Evans
    Zhéa’s Creations
    Ones on the left.

  7. Lucille Says:

    I’m lovin’ the ones on the left with those unique ear wires. I came across your work while surfing around and you have INSPIRED me!

    The copper wire and tubing pieces are amazing and my retired commercial plumbing contractor husband has a garage/shop full of all kinds of treasures I can use!

    I showed him a picture and HE came back in the house with a band cuff bracelet that he had made, adding in some type of brass fitting and flattening onto the band! One for granddaughter (10)and one for me now made. He even has letter and number stamps (who knew!) so he stamped my granddaughter’s initials at one end!
    I will be looking forward to your posts on your beautiful and imaginative jewelry. I think I’ve read every post you have ever made so far!
    Thanks for offering these pieces in a giveaway!!

  8. I love the earrings on the right. They have a nice flow to them and I am sure they would look great on my ears! My favorite color is blue and I love the blue with the silver. Its just the way the earrings are made with the swirl that make them just really dynamic.
    I have always admired your work. You are a very talented person.

  9. Cathy Says:

    I like ones on the right because they are curvy like me. Actually I like them both, though, because my wonderfully talented aunt made them!

  10. Laureen Says:

    I always love “the swirl”. I gravitate to it in jewelry, but also in my home decor. I would wear those earrings alot. Sooooo pretty.

  11. Janet Says:

    There are both very pretty! But my favorite is the pair on the left. I like the creative flowing swirl.

  12. Kari Says:

    I really like the pair on the left hand side. They’re unique in the way they look like their squared off but really open up in the right places to make something look immaculate and clean.

    Just like me and how I present myself.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  13. Mandy Says:

    I like them both a lot. I would choose the ones on the left because they are different and I have never seen anything quite like them before. Simple, yet dramatic. My kind of earring.

  14. Theresa Says:

    Both are pretty but I really love the swirley ones!! Thanks for the giveaway,

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