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Bead Bash Fun August 18, 2011

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Here are a few photos of the nine young ladies at the jewelry workshop.  They loved the ‘bead buffet’ set out on the table.  While I knew they would be successful with the memory wire bracelet, I wasn’t absolutely sure about the slip knot necklace.  But while everyone was busy making the bracelets, I worked with two at a time to teach the slip knot.  Everyone got it!  They did have a handout with directions and web site info to take home for some follow through practice.  A truly fun afternoon and they were so proud of their beautiful creations.

  And this one just sent to me by Sara, the summer intern, who hosted this party…she’s wearing all her new bling bling.  Thank you, Sara!










2 Responses to “Bead Bash Fun”

  1. Sharon L. Ward Says:

    What a fun and memorable day for these young ladies! I hope to see some of their work displayed on future posts! I know they must have make some beautiful pieces of art.

    • Sadly, I had to fire the company photographer because she was always forgetting to bring her camera (that would be me). So I’ve had to rely on the kindness of friends for these photos and no one thought to take the ‘after’ photos. Bummer. But I may call some of the girls to see if they’d wear them to the next youth group and snap a photo there.

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