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Leather is it! August 25, 2011

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Can I just say that I love leather cording?  It is a flexible material, inexpensive, comes in sizes and beautiful colors, and gives a lot of  “look” to a piece of jewelry.  Enough said.  And while big name jewelry designers, one named C*** L**, are charging big money for their pieces, the two knock-off styles shown here are easy to make. I will say that I do appreciate CL’s sense of design and color. The pricing remains puzzling to me.

This bracelet was made with a deep red 1.5 mm leather cording, bright silver ball chain, wrapped up in a tan waxed Irish linen cord.  Somewhere in the garage a small screw is missing it’s little nut.   Try it yourself!          Adding the link for this tutorial.

Ball Chain and Leather Bracelet

Various odd stones, beads, and a charm were slipped onto a series of square knots in this 36 inch necklace.

It probably took 15 minutes and  I had the great joy of designing and making it.  Priceless!


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