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Bar Code August 31, 2011

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Not in love with this…yet.  I love the mix of beads and the idea of it.  Just not the execution in the layout and wire wrapping. I’m thinking it’s a candidate for my usual process when I’m not sure what to do next.  Let it lay around on the work table or kitchen counter for a bit.  Glance at it when I walk by for the next few days; then, when something strikes me as another way to go at it, give it another try.

For now, give it a rest.  Note: it did look kind of cool with the t-shirt I’m wearing.


4 Responses to “Bar Code”

  1. PamS. Says:

    Like this, tho’. It gives me ideas! (and, I’m with you, when it’s not quite how I pictured it, leave it alone and come back later)

  2. Karol Says:

    I think it’s fantastic, maybe it’s asking to look more “tumbled”, like the leather cording is it’s container,and the beads (stones) tumbled into the “nest” of the leather. thank you for letting us comment, it helps all artists to process, even if we’re processing other’s work. Your work is lovely.

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