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Old Friend October 26, 2011

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I haven’t done one of these cuff bracelets for a while and I’d forgotten how fun it is to make. The pounding, wrapping, oxidizing, buffing and polishing.  Thought you might like to see a before and after picture with the oxidizing. Buffing is one of my favorite parts of the process…to uncover the beautiful nooks and crannies and bring out the gorgeous patina of the copper.


5 Responses to “Old Friend”

  1. PamS. Says:

    Wow, how neat! Did you use copper tubing for your base? And, what did you use to oxidize?

  2. Hi, Pam,
    Yes, this cuff started with a piece of 1/4 inch copper tubing. Flattened with a hammer on a steel bench block. Filed the ends smooth. Folded the ends under and flattened them. Then, used a rubber mallet to shape it around the fat end of a baseball bat. Wire wrapped with 18 gauge copper. I like to use the liver of sulphur gel to oxidize. Very easy to add the drops to hot water. I also heat the piece of jewelry in hot water to speed up the process a bit. Buff with 0000 steel wool (the messy part) and then use a polishing cloth. Done.
    Have you tried tubing yet? So versatile. I don’t even know all the uses for it yet.


  3. Jennfer Westerberg Says:

    i am so inspired by your work here. i love the bracelet. the color contrasts are amazing. where did you purchase your copper tubing and file? i assume you used a metal file? these could probably be purchased at the hardware store.

    thanks for the great ideas!

  4. Hi, Jennifer,
    Thanks for the comments. I do love to work with copper. You can get such amazing colors with various patinas. And yes, the tubing is purchased from a hardware store…less than a buck for one foot! It’s 1/4 inch tubing. I also purchased a cutting tool for the tubing there. Shorter pieces make very cool tube beads too. Hope you do try this material in your work. Let me know how it’s going.


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