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Bad, Worse, and Worst December 30, 2011

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It’s been messy before, but this is seriously the worst.  I went into my workroom today with a great idea in my head, took one look at this table and turned around and left. The mess I created is getting in the way and I need to do something about it.  I have a date tomorrow with myself and this chaos. I didn’t even show pictures of the rest of the room where every surface is covered with trays, bins, and boxes. Not only do I need space to work, but I need order to do my best work.  I recently read a quote from a book called Art and Fear that keeps ringing in my head about the need for daily practices that support our creativity.  I think cleaning up my workspace on a daily basis is one of them for me.  This just got out of hand and has become a roadblock to my work. Part of my job tomorrow is to renew a practice that will benefit the work and not have me leave the workroom and slam the door in disgust.  The pictures here provide me with some accountability. It’s now public knowledge.

Wish me luck!


8 Responses to “Bad, Worse, and Worst”

  1. Jeanie B Says:

    Design what you want in your mind (a wall of cubbies???), sketch it out on paper and give it to my brother to build for you NOW!!

  2. Yes, the plans are afoot! Right after he finishes building his workbench in the Garage Majal.

  3. Lynn Eileen Forsterling Says:

    Well …… I certainly don’t feel bad anymore about my lack of organization regarding my beads/beading area, Lynda!!! LOL!

    Sometimes I get so frustrated because I know I have a particular item and I can’t find it. Sometimes I find something I forgot I had purchased — Yikes! I definitely need to get organized this year so I can be a more creative artist!

    Thanks for the inspiration, Lynda! : )

    Bead Happy,

  4. I know how you feel, Lynda! I can’t create as well when I don’t have a clear space – but putting everything away after a creative session isn’t as much fun as making jewelry. So sometimes I let it slide (more often than I’d like to admit!).

    And the run from Thanksgiving to Christmas is usually such a busy time for making jewelry, creating custom orders, doing shows, family holiday activities, etc. that my workspace gets pretty out of hand then too!

    I hope we’ll see a pic of your organized workspace – I’m very inspired by seeing other artists’ storage / organizing solutions!

    P.S. I laughed out loud about “Garage Majal”! 🙂

  5. Lynda, I just had a thought – if you haven’t already straightened up your work area:

    Many teenage girls dearly LOVE to sort and organize things like beads, findings, etc. You could probably work a trade with a high school or college girl to organize your workspace, in exchange for guiding her through making a jewelry item or two in your studio.

  6. Thanks for the great idea, Rena. Next time (which will probably be sooner than later), I may just follow through with this lead. Even thinking my 11 year old granddaughter might be up to the task. And she’s probably ready to learn the basics.

  7. Doris Price Says:

    Well your work area “ain’t nothing compared to mine:-) I’m learning to use cookie sheets LOL for work area. I have one for silver metals and one for other types. Then I also if I’m working on a particular design I try to keep it to that project one tray. I don’t know about you all but sometimes when I’m at the “messy” large tray that is sometimes my inspiration place I have so many times just glancing looking for that particular bead an idea is formed and I go for it. Whats nice about the cookie sheets is they are Stackable. I can also take that tray and go to my easy chair at night and watch TV with my honey and string away. I know this was supposed to be comment but with me its the 18yds. Have a great day! Doris

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