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Amber Lights January 7, 2012

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These earrings were made as a demo in the library jewelry class yesterday morning.  The bright copper just didn’t do it for me with the amber colored glass briolettes. So I dunked them in a liver of sulphur solution until they were black.  After buffing most of the black patina off, I still wasn’t happy with the contrast.  So back into the LOS bath they went.  The black metal really sets off the amber glow of these beads. (Photo doesn’t do the contrast justice). When held up in the light, they absolutely glow with inner light.  Lovely.

p.s. a couple of ladies in class made some stunning earrings from this design…easily mastering the techniques.

Amber Lights, part 2…

Sadly, not all our dreams come true.  In this case, unless you like to wear black smudges on your earlobes, this was not a total success. Of course, when I tried to use a cloth to wipe off some of the extra patina on the earring frames and ear wires, a good amount of  the black that I loved came off.  Searched the internet for a solution and haven’t found one yet.  If you have any ideas to share, they would be very welcome, indeed. These earrings have now received a coating of Renaissance Wax and light buffing with a piece of terry cloth to produce a beautiful deep brown-black luster.  Still beautiful, but I haven’t given up hope on the elusive black. Below is the final result.           ****as usual click on the photo to enlarge



2 Responses to “Amber Lights”

  1. Lynn Eileen Forsterling Says:

    Oooh, I’m the first to comment on these beauties! So exciting! 🙂

    I love these, Lynda, and agree with your decision to “double-dip” in the LOS — I’ve done the same with silver and copper sometimes to intensify the finish.

    Bead Happy!

    • Thanks so much, Lynn, for your support. If you have advise on how to preserve this finish, I’d be grateful. Some of it came off when I tried polishing with a Sunshine cloth. Any ideas?


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