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Down the Rabbit Trail January 11, 2012

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If you’re getting a bit tired of me waxing poetic about this black patina thing, then feel free to skip this post.

Here’s another experiment with two metals…Sterling silver and copper…and two treatments. The earrings on the left are sterling, after a bath in LOS, buffing with OOOO steel wool, and a good rubbing with a polishing cloth. The other is copper again. Found a posting on the internet about keeping the black patina on copper by just tossing into a jewelry  tumbler. So I did.  Some of the patina did come off, but the finish is a nice dark gun metal gray. The results with tumbling in steel shot for about 20 minutes produced a strengthened, lustrous metal finish. I’m happy.


2 Responses to “Down the Rabbit Trail”

  1. Jeanie B Says:

    Oh so pretty! Would love a pair of those. See you tonight!

  2. Jerri Maulik Says:

    WOW I really like the look of both metals, and I am ready to do some copper myself. Thanks for posting your experiments, as I want to do alot of things but I dont always take the tiime to experiment to get the look I want.

    Thanks for doing it and SHARING!!!!!

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