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Unhinged January 12, 2012

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Rena at has recently posted a fun new jewelry challenge called Odds and Ends. If you want to expand your view of jewelry making, think about participating in this challenge to either use up all your orphan beads and findings or find some junk around the house and garage. Details on her site under “Jewelry Challenge”.  These challenges are just for fun, no judges, no voting…just to give jewelry makers a little kick in the imagination. Even if you don’t participate, go check out what others have submitted in the gallery.

Here’s my entry. I choose to go off roading in my kitchen junk drawer.  I found two pieces of beach glass from a trip up the Northern California coast, a cupboard door hinge, a brass clip from a Lion Coffee Company bag, two paper clip thingies, ball chain key ring, a copper earring experiment gone bad, and a 1962 smashed penny from the Seattle World’s Fair with the Space Needle (a family trip when I was a kid).  With the addition of some bits of leather, chain, and leftover wire.

I named the piece “Unhinged”. Could be a reference to the focal piece or perhaps my state of mind when foraging for inspiration for this challenge.


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