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Any ideas to share?? February 1, 2012

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I’ve been intrigued by some creative designers who use fibers, fabric and ribbon in their work, mostly because it can add rich texture, color, interest to the jewelry when used judiciously. So today I went to a local yarn shop to see what they might have that would interest me. I don’t crochet, knit and haven’t had the interest to learn, so yarn shops are foreign territories. I must say I was surprised…these are not your grandmother’s yarns.

What I did find was a basket of gorgeous sari silk ribbon skeins in mixes of vibrant and subtle colors. I picked out this one to play with. Not sure what will happen, but I’ve got 75 yards…yes, yards… to experiment with.

So, if you’ve a mind to give me some directions to go, what are your ideas??  I’d love to hear from you.

And thanks.


One Response to “Any ideas to share??”

  1. Michelle B. Says:

    I love the colors of this Sari Silk, they’re so vibrant! I like working with Sari silk in my designs – it puts a little punch into things!

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