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Fun Afternoon February 5, 2012

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Yesterday, many ladies enjoyed making earrings for the very first time. This was a workshop offered at our church’s Women’s Conference. I only attempted something of this size and skill because five other jewelry making friends generously agreed to come and share their talent and bead stash with us all. A local bead store, The Bead Gallery, donated the use of tools and extra beads as well. We were able to offer such a gorgeous buffet of beads, chain, and findings.  Everyone made two pair of earrings using a simple wire loop, complete with handmade ear wires.                                 About 35 women in all.

Great way to spend the afternoon. You’ll see in these photos, lots of smiles and many faces of very serious concentration. Sadly, I may have just lost some loyal customers who were in the group.  Oh, dear.



3 Responses to “Fun Afternoon”

  1. Jerri Maulik Says:

    Looks like everone had a wonderful time. Every Thursday evening at my high school, we have free beading classes. It started out as Native American beading, and now we just do anything. The ladies and kids come and we teach each other what we know and have so much fun.

    ITs amazing how relaxing beading is!!!!

  2. Doris Price Says:

    I really appreciate this newsletter and this great sharing of something to make with your hands. I have had quite a few ladies in our church want to learn to make earrings. Just thought it might be a little overwhelming but I’m sure I can get a few friends to help. I consider this email as encouragement to go for it:-). As far as business GOD always blesses when we share the love. Thanks again and the best to you all in 2012.

    • Doris, the extra tools and hands of friends was definitely key is putting on something of this size. I do encourage you to share your love of making jewelry with others, even if it’s just a few. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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