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Bold Blue February 12, 2012

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Playing with variations of the quick Five Minute Earring idea… this time with chains and other danglies, all in shades of blue. The larger hoop is with small faceted cobalt blue crystals, threaded with one long piece of lacy chain. The large clear crystal pops next to all the blue. The smaller seed bead hoops surround a faceted pale blue bead.  Needed a something of interest, so I added the bright blue dangly at the top.

I don’t personally wear bold earrings like these, but oh, are they fun to make!


One Response to “Bold Blue”

  1. Jerri Maulik Says:

    WOW I love them. Its werid, on Friday night I made a pair of double hoops blue beaded earrings, that look very similar to yours. I love the addition of the chain on the bottom.

    You always give me ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    No one could be “blue” after seeing your pretty little earrings. They bring a smile to all.!!


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