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Painted “Patina” February 26, 2012

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Over at Lima Beads, there are some great tips and techniques articles and videos.  One blew me away in both it’s simplicity and possibilities. Using acrylic paints to ‘patina’ metals, specifically with pieces that have nooks and crannies. They sell the paints in convenient daubing containers, but as usual, I couldn’t wait to try this out…so I used some acrylic paints that I had on hand and an old stenciling dauber. A small paint brush worked well, too, to get the paint into all the small places on the pieces. Three easy steps: get the paint on—let it semi-dry a few minutes—wipe it off (fingers are great tools here).   The point is to get some of the paint into the deep nooks and wipe most of it off the surface to re-reveal the metal( also gave the tops a light brushing with 000 steel wool to shine up the high points). I choose to try it out on two pair of copper earrings I already had.  I used a spring green color on the center filigree details of the large hoop earrings.  The butterflies received three colors: dark forest green, the spring green, and purple. I really like how these came out.  Also, tried out some red on a “love” bead.   Using the wide range of acrylic colors to enhance the details on pieces has such great possibilities.

More painting fun with a bag of very inexpensive base metal keyhole charms and a couple of brass links…  The three on the left show the original finishes.


3 Responses to “Painted “Patina””

  1. Michelle B. Says:

    I’m really liking those butterfly ones – the colors are incredible! Thanks for shaing this information – it’s going to be fun to try some different colors on things!!

  2. Really pretty! Love the butterfly especially! Very creative!

  3. I am definitely going to have to try this!

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