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Back to the Sari Silk March 3, 2012

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Still looking for ways to use this beautiful ribbon in jewelry.  Here’s some wrapped bead links I’m experimenting with using Tacky glue to start and finish the ends. I started by making bar links out of 18 gauge copper and brass wire, a little over an inch in length. Wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap with the ribbon. The four beads on the left have a coat of Mod Podge, as I was concerned about the durability of the bead. It definitely darkened the colors and gave it a hard coat, which might be okay…don’t know yet.              The three on the right side have no other finishing. I think I like this look better, as you can really tell that they are made from some sort of fabric/ribbon and have a much softer appearance.  The beads in the middle are possible go-withs (after I settle on how to make the sari silk links to my liking).  I’ll post a finished piece(s) very soon.

Two notes…  First, a teaser…this month’s give away will involve the sari silk in some fashion. Come back next week and see what’s up.

Secondly, if you don’t know about Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Hop party, today was the big reveal on the participants’ designs…all 200 of them!          Lori partnered up 200 designers into pairs. Each pair exchanged a package of a focal bead, clasp, and any other goodies they wanted. The challenge was to create something delicious with the Bead Soup mix they received in the mail. I haven’t visited everyone yet, but what fun to see the wonderful variety of jewelry designs. If you have time in the next few days, start at Lori’s blog and take a peek at a few or all.


8 Responses to “Back to the Sari Silk”

  1. Jeanie B Says:

    Did you enter? I couldn’t find your name. Great idea!! It will take forever to see them all but seeing the different country interpretations is neat.

  2. Wanda Says:

    Those turned out great!!!! Can’t wait to see a finished project.

  3. Hi, Jeanie. Nope, not this year. Didn’t find out about it until after the deadline. She actually had to have a lottery to select the 200 participants…there were so many folks who wanted in. I’d love to do it next year though.

  4. Those are awesome!

  5. The sari silk wraps are gorgeous! I love the rich colors. Your customers will definitely be interested in the details of what these are made from, and how they’re created.

  6. Diana Byrum Says:

    What a great idea for a pair of beautiful textured earrings. I love the color too!

  7. Shari Says:

    Ooohhhh, those are so pretty! I love the Omega earrings. The silk is beautiful!

  8. Michelle B. Says:

    I love how your Sari Silk Beads turned out (just saw this in my inbox from a week ago – I’m so behind!!). I’ve experimented w/the Sari Silk and have made beads out of it too and wondered about it’s durability as well
    but hadn’t tried the Mod Podge – I used a spray lacre – yuck!! Didn’t work well at all! 😉
    I love the colors you’re using in these as well, so bright and cheery. And, the earrings you did in the later post with these are beautiful!!

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