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“It’s a Wrap” Give Away! March 5, 2012

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It’s time to post this month’s give away…I’m happy to offer a choice this time. Your choice of one pair of these sari silk ribbon wrapped earrings.  The omega style is made with copper and dyed pink jade. The pendant style is with gold craft wire and some cool fuchsia glass beads.  As a fun bonus, the winner will also receive 10 feet of this gorgeous ribbon to play with.  And I do hope, if they are inclined, they will sent me photos of their lovely creations.  I’d love to see them and share them with you all.

What would you do with this bundle of delicious colors?

For a chance to win this month’s give away, follow these few simple guidelines.

1.  To be eligible, you must reside in the U.S. or Canada.

2.  To enter, just leave a comment on this post. Please let me know which pair of earrings you’d choose… Omega or Pendant

Scroll to the bottom of this post and click “add comment”.  Be sure you add your email where prompted. Your email address is seen only by me. One entry per person please.

3.  Entries must be posted by Monday, March 19th,  12:00 noon Pacific Standard Time.  That’s two weeks from today.

4.  The randomly selected winner will be chosen using a list randomizer.  They will be contacted by the email listed in the comment and have one week from that date to respond.  Arrangements will be made to securely package and mail the winner’s prize.  If I don’t hear from them, then another winner will be selected and contacted under the same procedure.

Good Luck!


40 Responses to ““It’s a Wrap” Give Away!”

  1. Jerri Maulik Says:

    This are so very cool. I love both pairs, but the Omega are my favorites. I can’t believe what you started with. Now my mind is opening up to others ways to use fabric. I love the look!!!! Good job.


  2. Suzanne Eckert Says:

    I love the texture it adds to the earrings. Amazing! The pendant earrings are my favorites. I need a push like this to get me thinking. Thanks so much!


  3. Judy Beauchamp Says:

    I love the pendant pair! More earrings to make!

  4. I learn something new about how to incorporate different mediums into my jewelry and I love it. I really like the Omega’s. I think you get a bit more of the ribbon on it and I like curves.

  5. Jill Crossfield Says:

    Wow- just WOW! I am new to this world of jewelry making- I love the ingenuity of your designs. I can only hope to be this good….. each style has its own charm and I would be happy with either pair- the omega shows a little more of the ribbon’s personality.

  6. Jeanie B Says:

    Love the omega ones. Would give them to Cathy!

  7. valerie mathews Says:

    Your earring designs are beautiful! My favorite is the omega set. I’m going shopping for ribbon!!! 🙂

  8. Susie Wyatt Says:

    I LOVE the Omega earrings! So beautiful! I’d be selfish and keep them for myself…..

  9. These innovative designs are super sweet! I love them both!

  10. Jennifer Says:

    Love these especially the omegas!!!
    Keep the great ideas coming. Love them.

  11. Karen Murphy Says:

    LOVE these Aunt Lynda. They are both beautiful.

  12. Jamie Says:

    I always enjoy seeing your new creative designs. It’s inspiring. The Omega style is my favorite of the two.

  13. Cindy Says:

    Both earring designs are so beautiful…I think my favorite is the pendant style because I love the addition of the glass beads. The colors are scrumptious. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! 🙂

  14. Suzie Says:

    love the omega earrings and love these colors!

  15. Sandi Warner Says:

    I’ve been wondering what fab things I can do with the ribbon I have and you’ve really inspired me. I guess the omega’s are my favorite but I really like the pendant ones as well. A tough decision.

  16. Wanda Says:

    Can’t decide on a favorite!!! They are both great!

  17. Oh wow! They’re BOTH absolutely gorgeous, but I think my favorite would be the Omega 🙂
    Thank you for this incredible giveaway! If I win, I can’t wait to do something with that ribbon as well!

  18. Shari Says:

    Ooohhh, these are so pretty! I think the omega earrings are my favorite, but I love them both. The silk is so beautiful!

  19. Kia Says:

    Oh do I love the omega earrings (provided they are the ones with the circle at the bottom – I’m not up on terminology). Beautiful

  20. Michelle B. Says:

    These are both fabulous desisns! I like the omega’s for their design, but the drop earrings are simply gorgeous, too. The colors are so yummy on both! You’re designs are truly always ‘fresh baked’ ideas and so wonderfully done! Lovely give-a-way.

  21. Sharon Misuraco Says:

    What a delightful design! The Omega is probably my favorite! You finished it all off so neatly. I would use the silk for parts of a bracelet or necklace. Thank you for the chance to win something luscious!

  22. Jody Says:

    they both rock! I think the pendant style would look better on me. Love your talent!

  23. Pixiloo Says:

    Those are both awesome. I loved the way you used the silk. After almost a day of deliberation, I think I like the Omega earrings a bit better. Awesome giveaway!

  24. kat Says:

    I would love the chance to win. Love the pendant earrings, simple, elegant and show off that gorgeous sari silk. Love everything about it.

  25. Kathy Says:

    I LOVE the Omega style.
    I love the color pink too.
    Truely amazing

  26. Michelle W Says:

    Beautiful earrings! My favorite is the omega! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  27. Caron Lambert Says:

    I love the Omega style. SImple yet loaded with funk. Perfect!

  28. LOVE those earrings! LOVE. If I won this, I’d FINALLY feel brave enough to try a bangle or something like that — something unlike anything I’ve ever made before!

  29. Rin Says:

    The Omega style is my favorite! And the colors (both the copper and material) are just gorgeous!

  30. Marcia Atherton Says:

    The Omega is beautiful, they both are! I’d use the ribbon to complete a pearl necklace, a great combination in my mind.

  31. Barbara H. Says:

    You are incredibly talented – and I love seeing your designs! Both earrings are beautiful – but I think the pendant pair are my favorite. Thanks for sharing!!!

  32. I have been wanting to work with silk ribbon for a long time. I love the earrings – the Omega ones are my favorite!

  33. S R Stieb Says:

    Pendant earrings

    I just love this look! Where can you get sari silk or sari silk yarn? The feel and look of texture is wondeerful! You have great ideas!

    • Thank you! I purchased this ribbon at a local yarn shop. However, do checkout good sources on line, especially at Input a search for ‘sari silk ribbon’ and see the gorgeous things offered.

  34. Jennfer Westerberg Says:

    beautiful earrings. i prefer the look of the pendant earrings. the ribbon is a neat addition to jewelry projects!

  35. I love the look of the omega style earrings because they seem to offer me more of what I need today—a tantalizing peek of summer with all that watermelon pink……! It’s cold and windy here in central Texas today, and I am sick of it. These give me hope for warmer weather! Beautiful idea and good for you!! I believe torn strips of lots of different kinds of fabric could be worked up this way, so thanks for opening a window in my mind for a whole new avenue to explore……such fun!

    • Hi,Cindy! Well, warm yourself up with some bright and vibrant fabric embellishments to your jewelry!. That’s the fabulous thing about jewelry making…the huge variety of materials and techniques. Thanks for your kind comments!

      • Catherine Lauda Says:

        Love warm colors for the coold winter coming. The Omega earings are stuning, their complexity is appealing . Would feel like somekind of wild berry queen in the snow,with these on my ears!

      • Why, thank you, Catherine! What a lovely compliment. This silk ribbon is still some of my favorite to use here and there in jewelry because the colors are so vibrant.

  36. Jules Says:

    I love the bright colors of these earrings….and glad to see you used the bar links and fabric beads you were experimenting with! The pendant style is lovely. Loooove that ribbon….juicy raspberry. 😊

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