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Weird Weather Today March 18, 2012

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Crazy weather this weekend here in Southern California. Driving home from the store this afternoon, I had sunshine, hail, wind, sunshine, and then, rain, all in about five minutes time.  A real weather concoction…so that’s what I’m putting up in this post today, too…a concoction of pieces I’ve been working on.  First up is a necklace with brass findings and featuring one of the paint “patina” butterflies.

Next, I read about this cool material, dark annealed steel wire, on Deryn Mentock’s blog site, where she kindly let everyone in on a big secret about the source of this great stuff…Ace Hardware store.  Do check out her blog, Something Sublime, and see how she uses it in her jewelry designs. Gorgeous!   This package has 50 feet of 19 gauge wire and was less than 4 bucks.  Lots to play with.  It’s a bit harder to manipulate than copper, but love the color, especially after you buff off some of the black coating.

      It also comes in other wire gauges.

And last, two pair of earrings with the steel wire.  The wire also forged nicely with the hammer and bench block.


2 Responses to “Weird Weather Today”

  1. Michelle B. Says:

    We’re having some bizarre weather here in AZ this weekend too! I love that necklace – so much texture and the colors are perfect. The earrings are goregous! I just finished playing around with some annealed black steal wire, too – it’s fun and the 28gauge really wraps nicely and it does have a great finish when you buff some of the black off like you said.

    • Yes, Michelle, I’m definitely going to buy some other gauges to play with. I was thinking some of the black would come off in the tumbler? Do you have any experience with that?

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