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Real Steel Minus Hugh Jackman March 27, 2012

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More time recently to get to know the dark annealed steel wire from the hardware store.  It’s definitely not as easy to work with as sterling or copper, but the finished look is very much to my liking.  The wire required an intense scrubbing with steel wool to get as much of the black coating off as possible.  Then the harder work of manipulation, especially with the tornado links. Some time with a hammer on the bench block. Then, about 20 minutes in the tumbler. Finally, another scrubbing with the steel wool to get as much ‘definition’ in the design to come through. Finished up with oxidized sterling silver chain, head pins, and ear wires. Whew!


6 Responses to “Real Steel Minus Hugh Jackman”

  1. April B Says:

    Love this look, especially the second pair!! A little sad about the “without Hugh Jackman” part though 🙂

  2. Donna Turner Says:

    They’re beautiful, Lyn. All your work really paid off.

  3. Michelle B. Says:

    I love these! Both pairs are so pretty!! I’ve played around w/some of the annealed, darkened steel last week while I was at the beach – it’s fun and I like the color, too. I haven’t used the larger gauges – just the 24g and 28g. I have 19, but it did feel bit more ‘firm’ than my silver and other metals.

    Your designs are always so nice – thanks for sharing!

  4. Jaime Says:

    Looks like a lot of effort went into making these, but worth the effort. So pretty and unique!

  5. Jaqlyn Marie Says:

    I think all you designs are BEAUTIFUL! ♡♡♡

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