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Contrasting Elements April 4, 2012

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Steel is hard, rustic, and durable.  Silk is soft, rich, and fragile.  These two materials go together well in this necklace, I think.  I’m still getting to know the annealed steel as a jewelry material. As hard as it is to work with physically, it certainly makes strong, sturdy components that one doesn’t need to worry about coming apart.  The red crystal links will be earrings with another crystal dangle or necklace components.


Love the deep, saturated colors with the dark gray steel, don’t you?


4 Responses to “Contrasting Elements”

  1. Rin Says:

    I love those read links! Swirls are aesthetically pleasing to me. And the blue on the necklace is just gorgeous!

    Would you recommend working with annealed steel? I’ve taken a peek at it on visits to the hardware store (seeking out copper wire), but the coating has turned me off. It always rubs off onto my fingers. Is this a problem when working with it?

    • Hi, Rin. Thanks for visiting! I would highly recommend working with this wire. Two things to think about… first you might start out with a smaller gauge if your hands are not accustomed to working with thicker wire. You can order 24 gauge on line. Cheap. Secondly, I’ve begun to use 400 grit sand paper to really clean off the wire first, before using. It gets most of the black coating off to reveal the beautiful gray coloring. Folding the paper in half, I run the wire through several times, turning the wire to get all sides. I also use this same 400 grit paper to burnish the high spots of the designs in the wirework to bring out a lighter gray color, noticeably in the red crystal links. If your hands are strong, then go ahead and get the 19 or 20 gauge. The thicker wire also hammers and textures well on a bench block. Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions or would like to send photos of what you’ve made. I’d love to see them.


  2. Sally Anderson Says:

    Love the work you’re doing with steel. Those red swirly links are fantastic. So are the necklaces you’ve been making. It’s interesting to see what you can do with this wire!

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