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Boreas by Waterhouse April 10, 2012

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This painting, Boreas, by John William Waterhouse (1903), is the challenge inspiration at the Art Bead Scene blog this month. Boreas was the purple-winged Greek god of the north wind.  I love this idea of using a piece of art to inspire jewelry designs…it could be the mood, colors, setting, subject of the piece.  This one in particular has so many different options beginning with a beautiful color palette, perfect for the steel wire I’m currently using.  The female figure stands firm against the strong wind…her thin inadequate wrap a beautiful blue gray…the small pale gold daffodil tucked into her hair is a hopeful sign of the fullness of Spring approaching.

Here’s my entry, a necklace reworked, with the addition of a beautiful ceramic butterfly, and lamp work bead pendant, mixed with sari silk and wind whipped steel components.

A close up to appreciate the two gorgeous art beads purchased at The Bouncing Bead today.  Thanks, Kristi, for helping in the search for the perfect beads!


8 Responses to “Boreas by Waterhouse”

  1. Michelle B. Says:

    What a lovely design! And the perfect tribute to the painting! Love the deep blue of the Sari silk, too – so rich.

  2. Hellopalz Says:

    Your posts are gorgeous….i love how to find ur inspirations and apply it in ur work!

    • Thanks, Hellopalz! I so appreciate your support of this blog site and the work. The challenges issued by others in the jewelry making community are wide ranging and can be just the kick in the ol’ imagination I need to keep things fresh.


      • Hellopalz Says:

        Thats absolutely true… like one of my friend says ….”your post and photos should give life to your pieces”. I think you do that very well!

  3. Jenna Says:

    Yay, another artist working in steel wire! I’m hooked on the stuff. I love the loose, gestural nature you imbued into your piece. The wirework and the sari ribbon are free like the wind!

  4. The sari silk and steel wire wrapped beads go so well together! And butterflies are on my mind lately. Very nice necklace!

  5. Tracy Says:

    A lovely piece, I think you’ve really captured the strong wind and sense of movement in the painting.

  6. A lovely necklace and interpretation! The blue in that ribbon is to dye for! ; )

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