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Impatient April 13, 2012

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So it’s a gray rainy day in Southern California and I cannot wait for the sun to return to take proper photos outside.  So these two were taken on the dining room table, not ideal shots, but you get the idea of these two pieces. Which brings me to another lament…My dear friend Picnik is closing soon and the messages are getting more and more dire when I enter the site. I now have to click on two pop-ups acknowledging that I understand  this will indeed be happening soon. Very soon. I will really have to make friends with another photo editing site. I understand there are some other good options, but never the less, I will miss my good buddy.

The necklace is with a lime green magnesite pendant, a touch of turquoise at the top wrap. Then more turquoise magnesite with a few ceramic beads here and there, as well as lime seed beads. Finished off with a pewter button closure.

              UPDATED POST:

This photo was taken on the porch in natural light, so you can see why I prefer that setting.

The bracelet is simply knotted leather with garnet colored glass beads and a pale aqua ceramic focal.  Easy, peasy.


5 Responses to “Impatient”

  1. Donna Turner Says:

    I love the necklace! And the rock is a great background for both pieces.

  2. I’ve never used Picnicker but I discovered and it’s great fun to work with. No need to register (yet) and they don’t keep your pics, they save back to your computer.

  3. Michelle B. Says:

    Oh – I like both!! Love turquoise colors and then anything knotted or with leather always makes my heart flutter! 😉

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