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Wrapped, Stacked, and Layered Reveal Day! April 21, 2012

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Tracy Statler, over at Make Bracelets!, had issued a fun challenge this month and today is the big reveal!  So happy it’s finally here and we get to see what everyone’s put out there to meet it. You can read more about the details of the challenge here.  It plays along with the popularity of  wearing huge amounts of arm candy.

Here’s my entry into this fun…

All four of these bracelets were made by me.  From the top:  various small beads on triple genya cord.  Next, Ghana Krobo beads on leather. Then, white heart garnet glass knotted onto leather, and at the bottom is my favorite bracelet. My very first sterling soldering project. Imperfect, and beloved.

And just for extra fun with this, I let my four favorite girls make stacks with my bracelet collection the other day.  Daughters, Sara and April.             Grand daughters, Taylor and Jenna.


Sara’s choices                                                                         April’s stack


Taylor and Jenna’s bling bling

And now…on to more fun with all the other arm candy out there. There’s quite a few, so grab a snack or cup of tea and enjoy the ride. Thank you, Tracy, for hosting this challenge!  Apologies that the blog link list isn’t here, silly me couldn’t get it right.  Please go back to Make Bracelets! for the blog list and continue on.


23 Responses to “Wrapped, Stacked, and Layered Reveal Day!”

  1. mary harding Says:

    Great fun stacks. You made such lovely bracelets and so fun your girls joined in

  2. sandi m Says:

    How lucky that everyone has a stack! Can’t pick a favorite. Great job!

  3. tjstatler Says:

    So cool that you included your daughters and granddaughters in the modeling. Love live model shots. I am not good at them. Your colors are wonderful. I have a thing for trade beads so I really love the bracelets you are wearing. Thanks for playing along!


  4. What fun! To do a project like this together. This is 5 for the price of one! They have that tribal feel and I love the mix of colors and textures. Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. LOVE!!! That earthy tribal stack is FANTASTIC!! Love the beads…the big and little…with leather and metal! Ahhhhh!!! Just really awesome!!

  6. Boot~C Says:

    April can put together a stack for me any time! I love your stack, I have a weakness for trade beads. I also hope one day to make my own silver bracelet much like yours.

  7. I love all the mixing and matching such yummy stacks!

  8. Jo Tinley Says:

    I love the mix of colours with the silver chain!

  9. kim Says:

    Oh what fun you all had. Many many beautiful bracelets! My favorite would be the mix Sara put together…love the range of colors.

  10. Everyone’s making bracelets! How great that you’re passing along the love of creating. I like them all really…and love the silver chain you made.

  11. I particularly like the one that has multiple rows of beads just in the middle. Pretty!

  12. Pixiloo Says:

    It’s great that your daughters and grand daughters were able to show off their bracelets as well. I love all of the stacks and really liked your trade bead bracelet.

  13. Hi there! Love how you used silver too. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Michelle B. Says:

    I love the silver link one, too – cause it looks like one of my first linked ones as well!! 🙂 I really like the one with the Ghana Krobo beads – that one is very beautiful. Also, it’s so fun that your daughters and grand daughters played along – the stacks they made are really cool!!

  15. Miri Says:

    Love all the combinations. Nice work!

  16. Lola Says:

    Lynda, I love how unique each of your bracelets are, and yet how well they go together! You and your girls have a knack for the stack! =)

  17. CraftyHope Says:

    Your stack is really great. I can see why that silver bracelet is a favorite. While silver and shiny, it still feels rather earthy and unique. Very cool! I think it’s great that you had your four girls make stacks too. They’re each unique even though you can see some of the same bracelets in each of their stacks. Neat idea!

  18. Michele Says:

    I love all of the stacks in your post. And how much fun that you had your daughters and granddaughters join in! I really like the bright colors in your first stack. Love how you used some of your larger beads and complimented them with the silver bracelet. (And your silver bracelet looks perfect to me!!) Tell Sara and April I see a couple future jewelry designers!! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Holly Says:

    I so love your stacks! That soldered bracelet, though, I truly covet that 😉 And I love how your daughters and granddaughters participated too!

  20. Karen M Says:

    Love the tribal stacks. Great minds and all, my daughters have the same names! I never thought to ask them to put a stack together though. 🙂

  21. mtrudinger Says:

    These are lovely stacks and I love your daughters and granddaughters chose their own stacks too. Love what you did with the Ghana beads — I have some of these that a family friend got for me while there recently so it’s great to see how they can be used. Thanks for the extra inspiration 😉

  22. Beth Hemmila Says:

    Love the metal bracelets and that you let your girls get in on it too! xoxo Beth

  23. Alice Says:

    What gorgeous stacks! But I have to say they’re is something about that first one that has me intrigued. I think it is the bold colors and the silver put together.

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