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Welcome to the Art Bead Scene April Challenge Blog Tour April 27, 2012

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Hello, friends.  I pre-posted this before I left on vacation, so hope it works.  I don’t have the blog tour links for you, but I can refer you back to Art Bead Scene, where I do hope you’ll continue to enjoy the tour.

The painting, Boreas, by John William Waterhouse (1903), is the challenge inspiration for April. Boreas was the purple-winged Greek god of the north wind.  I love this idea of using a piece of art to inspire jewelry designs…it could be the mood, colors, setting, subject of the piece.  This one in particular has so many different options beginning with a beautiful color palette, perfect for the steel wire I’m currently using.  Two art beads were used in this design…a raku butterfly and hand blown lamp work bead, both purchased at a local, independent bead shop. Unfortunately, they couldn’t recall the names of the local artists who made these beautiful beads. The tornado bead, pendant, and clasp are handcrafted from annealed steel wire.

The female figure stands firm against the strong wind…her thin,wispy wrap a beautiful blue gray…the small pale gold daffodil tucked into her hair is a hopeful sign of the fullness of Spring approaching.  What an amazing work of art, with so many directions to take jewelry design. I can’t wait to get home and view everyone’s work.

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One Response to “Welcome to the Art Bead Scene April Challenge Blog Tour”

  1. There’s a lovely balance to your piece.

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