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Medallion Necklace June 18, 2012

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Still working on asymmetrical designs…experimenting with a variety of materials. Here I’ve used a cool brass medallion from the Ornaments and Elements stash I received a few months ago. Paired it with some chunky rough garnets, olive Czech glass, carved stone rounds and turquoise.  To me, symmetrical designs are usually instantly pleasing to the eye. But, in asymmetry, the eye ( and mind)  has to work a bit harder to find the balance and pleasure in the design.  The eye needs to keep moving and searching a little longer, creating more interest in the piece. The focus is not in the pattern or pairing of parts, but in the balance of the shape, texture, color, and size of the parts.


6 Responses to “Medallion Necklace”

  1. turnerhealth Says:

    I like the rough stones – could you guess? But I’m wondering how heavy the necklace is.
    That’s a good description of the beauty of asymmetry. Cool idea for the turquoise stone in the very back, for those who notice what’s behind us. 🙂 Donna Turner

    • Hi, Donna! Aren’t the stones cool? The few stones do add some weight, along with the medallion. But not too much. I always give the jewelry I make a little ‘trial run’ and it was very comfortable.

  2. Linda Murphy Says:

    Do you have a link to the supplier of the medallion?

  3. This is really nice – love the colors and the various textures of the beads! The medallion is super cool! (love objects and elements!!) I bet this looks great on, too!

    • Thanks, Michelle. The other side of the medallion has a really great chariot engraving that first grabbed my attention, but unfortunately the hole was in the wrong place and it would have been upside down! I do like the noble looking lady too.

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