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Button Crazy July 9, 2012

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Did your mom or grandmother have a button box or tin that you just loved to play in?  My mom did. I spent hours sorting and stringing all the little lovelies throughout my childhood.

One of my daughters inherited my mom’s tin of buttons. This morning I made her this necklace with some of the pearly ones.  It’s strung on a caramel colored waxy genya cord. I added a few neutral colored seed beads here and there for color and interest. It has a nice weight to it and hangs nicely when worn.  A great tutorial that explains how to make this necklace is at Craftwerk.

My daughter loves it.


3 Responses to “Button Crazy”

  1. My husband’s mom had a ton of buttons she saved through out the years. After she passed away his dad divided them up between all the kids and gave them each a glass jar containing all those little treasures one year for Christmas – it’s something they all cherish! I just love the necklace you made for your daughter – I can see why she loves it, too!!

  2. CraftyHope Says:

    I’ve inherited a few button tins from several family members. the ones I’ve picked up at garage sales, antique stores, and thrift stores. I’m a button hoarder!!
    I really like the simplicity of this necklace. It’s no wonder your daughter loves it. Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial for it! 🙂

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