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South Park Walkabout is Here! July 12, 2012

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Put on your puka shell necklace and granny glasses and come out to the South Park Summer of Love Walkabout this Saturday night. July 14th, 6:00-10:00 p.m. Great food, music, and all the stores will be open for your enjoyment and shopping pleasure. Festive fun for the whole family. My first stop is always the Mariscos German food truck for their scrumptious fish tacos. (After posting this, it has been pointed out to me that granny glasses have taken on a slightly different meaning for me than the one in the late sixties…more functional, less stylish. Hmmm…)

I just returned from Studio Maureen’s at Beech and 30th, next to Grant’s Marketplace.  Come by and see the new Fresh Baked Designs earrings and necklaces in Maureen’s store.  She also has many other artisan wares…ceramics, glass, paintings, mosaic picture frames, clothing, and furniture.

Go here for more details about this event.


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