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Romantic, Experimental Me July 18, 2012

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Have you tried the alcohol inks on brass or copper yet?  I actually purchased some to use on polymer clay, but have seen some gorgeous pieces done on metals, so I was excited to try them out on both materials.  Using it straight from the bottle means working very fast it dries very quickly, but you can rewet the piece with an alcohol blending solution. Also handy to clean off your inky hands when you do not heed the excellent advice to wear gloves. Oops.

Here’s a look at some copper and two experimental polymer pieces.  The little round button has alcohol ink mixed with a liquid translucent polymer clay, Sculpty brand. Yes, all this was quite an investment…hence the use of every Michaels discount coupon I could get my hands on. The actual clay is very cheap and goes a long way. It’s all the little do-dads and finishes that can add up.

                                     The next two photos show some feminine romantic earrings I made yesterday with brass findings. The large filigree rounds have been painted with alcohol ink and   touched around the edges with a dark gold acrylic paint for gleam.

All painted pieces sealed with Renaissance Wax.

Added some plum picasso Czech glass beads accents.


                     As you can see, I’m also fooling around with different frame effects on the PicMonkey photo editing site. Kinda cool, huh?


5 Responses to “Romantic, Experimental Me”

  1. Angie M Says:

    I have tried the alcohol inks on brass but not on poly clay. Do you use the same techniques?Did you use it before or after you baked it? Your pieces are beautiful!

    • Thanks for your comment, Angie. I tried two different methods with the poly clay. Both on baked clay with small paint brushes. First, I applied it full strength to the clay bead (the heart). Second, I mixed the ink into the Sculpty liquid clay medium first, about 1:1 mix. This was on the little round bead. This mixture definitely give you more time to work as it didn’t dry up as quickly. I’ll experiment more with this technique and try to achieve stronger colors by adding less of the medium. You can also blend colors nicely with this mixture too. You also need to bake the clay pieces for about 15 minutes after painting to harden/cure the surface. So that means baking twice, but I do think I like this finish better. If you experiment with the inks on poly clay, let me know how it goes. Very curious.

  2. I love these gorgeous, subtle colors you’re getting with the alcohol inks! It looks like such a delightfully addictive jewelry technique! And I fell in love with the earrings in the bottom left photo – beautiful.

    • Hi, Rena. It is delightful and definitely addictive. This is the wonderful thing about the journey we’re on in making jewelry…there’s always something else to learn, right?

  3. I really love the way the metal turned out. The reds and purples are truly beautiful!

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