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Two Acrobats and a Dog July 20, 2012

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July is quickly coming to an end. I just couldn’t make up my mind about what to do for the July Art Bead Scene challenge, but I’ve been experimenting with more poly clay and made some pendants with my granddaughters the other day. Had great fun painting them yesterday with both acrylics and alcohol inks mixed with a liquid polymer medium.

Some are mine and most are theirs.  Twelve year old Taylor is into hearts and eight year old Jenna is into roses and butterflies.

Anyhoo…I finally decided to use the painting’s color palette solely as inspiration with one of my pendants.  A blue butterfly on a pale lime-green background. The necklace’s howlite barrels, wood discs and flowers, and blue ceramic beads are knotted on waxed linen cord. There is also a small poly clay heart charm to accent the piece. Very summery and light-hearted.


My necklace is certainly a long way from the mood in this Picasso work…so very somber, despite the subject matter.


So, one granddaughter, who shall be nameless, goes into the bathroom tonight wearing an anklet she made with one of her pendants. She comes running out yelling, “It glows in the dark!”  “What?”  ” The clay glows in the dark!”

So we all run into the bathroom to see this miracle.  And yes, the pendants made from one of the colors  glow in the dark, even through the paint and ink glazes.  Of course, we had to try all of them and laughed until the tears flowed. I guess I should read the package labels a bit more closely from now on. Or not.  Maybe a new fashion trend…

















And one other thing.  Here’s a knotted bracelet Jenna and I made with one of her poly beads…a glow in the dark one, of course!


5 Responses to “Two Acrobats and a Dog”

  1. Karin Says:

    I love your necklace – especially the focal and the dark blue discs. You certainly nailed Picasso’s palette! And what a neat memory you created for your granddaughers!

  2. Oh these are gorgeous – and the fact that you found out they glow in the dark is too fun!! I love it. I really admire you for always trying new mediums and sharing your experiences,…you make me want to try new things and stretch my creativity – thank you for that!!

  3. I have to say experimenting with the clay and a few simple techniques is so satisfying. And you’re right, Karin! Loved making these with the grands and have them learn along with me was very special. Pure joy!

  4. That’s the kind of surprise we all love! It’s wonderful that your grandkids are sharing the fun!

  5. Emma Todd Says:

    I think they stopped making glow in the dark so you may have some rare pieces on hand lol. Seriously I bought those same blue ceramic coins the other day with the challenge in mind, they didn’t make it into my first piece but I love how you have used them

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