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7000 Bracelets Project July 27, 2012

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Just sending off another blue bracelet to the office of The Global Genes Project in Dana Point, California, for their 7,000 Bracelets campaign.

          Why 7000?

The number 7,000 represents the 7,000 different rare diseases that impact 1 in 10 people, 30 million Americans and 350 million globally.  Each individual blue bracelet design we receive represents the uniqueness of one of the 7,000 rare diseases and many of the volunteers send in multiple copies of a single design.

If you’d like more information about the project and how you might contribute, go here.  A very worthy organization and cause.

       I’m please that this little button bracelet with a note of encouragement will go out to a family member/caregiver of someone   who might struggle with a rare disease.


One Response to “7000 Bracelets Project”

  1. My comment is a little off-topic. I noticed in some of your earlier posts you were using Krobo beads; I bought some from Soul of Somanya earlier this year and I love them, but so far have only used them in earrings. I’m also seeking out ideas in my part of the world for donating my jewellery as I’m not willing to get on the sales/promotion/profit-seeking merry-go-round. So many worthy causes so it’s hard to know where to start!

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