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It’s Monday… August 6, 2012

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And it’s hot! It’s so hot here in Southern California that I decided to treat myself and you all to a little giveaway.

Haven’t had one in a while and it’s long overdue.

And for my International blog friends, you’re invited to play along on this one,too!

If you’ve been here lately, you know I’ve been playing with polymer clay and having fun with different finishes.

So here’s a few beads and buttons for you to have some fun with. They all have a satin varnish as a top coat for durability.

The flower pendant has a copper bezel and the four little buttons are about 3/4 inches in diameter.

I’m especially happy with the little bluebird. It started out as a gray granite poly clay that I detailed with turquoise and black acrylic paint.

It also has an eye pin attached.

For a chance to win this little bundle of beads, just comment on this post. Be sure to leave an email or way for me to get in touch with you,

if the randomizer chooses your comment number. I’ll need to get your snail mail address.

Reply by next Monday, August 13th. ย And Good Luck!


38 Responses to “It’s Monday…”

  1. iamvics Says:

    Wow, I love those! That little bird is too sweet!

  2. Rin Says:

    Love the colors and patterns (and that bird is just too dang cute!)!

  3. The buttons are awesome. I can think of a million things to do with them. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Zan Says:

    I love that the bluebird started off as gray granite clay! I would have never thought to change it to blue. You have my mind rolling now! Love the beads and buttons!

  5. mtrudinger Says:

    oh those are very cute! Love the flower pendant, love the bird, love the buttons!

  6. Nancy-aka_Nicer Day Says:

    You have a good eye for color.
    The buttons are too cute, would live to use them in mixed media!

  7. Lynn Carling Says:

    I, too, am in Southern California and yes, it was hot today! I want to find out more about polymer clay—what kind did you use? I absolutely love everything you made—but the little bird is my favorite. I’m hoping you choose me!

  8. susan loyd Says:

    love these….hope I win….just getting into ‘art beads’

  9. Christie M Says:

    So cute- you’ve done such a nice job with these! One day I’ll tackle polymer clay…

  10. skantonacci Says:

    oooh….I’m new to your site and have fallen in love!

  11. Laureen Says:

    Love your creations, Linda. Hope I win.

  12. Laureen Says:

    Oops! “Lynda” Sorry. Typed too fast.

  13. Ruth Clark Says:

    Lynda I love your esthetic. Thanks for offering these!

  14. Cindy Taylor Says:

    Love! I’ve been looking for the “perfect bird” charm for a necklace for my daughter, it never crossed my mind to make one

  15. Sherry Q. Says:

    I’m so inspired that I’m going to Hobby Lobby today and getting some clay and paint and give this a try! Thanks for getting my creative juices flowing.

    • Colleen Says:

      I love these beads and I’m going to try this soon, but would be so excited to win yours. Your work is awsome.

  16. I have been having button love all summer and your buttons are awesome. All of your work is amazing! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  17. Angela Says:

    These are just beautiful. I really enjoy all of your work though.

  18. Jenny Says:

    I can’t say no to little blue birds! So cute!

  19. Angie M Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! I love your designs and your poly clay components are FANTABULOUS! It’s hot here in Indiana, too! Winning your giveaway would absolutely take my mind off the heat! Thanks!

  20. Jess Says:

    Absolutely LOVE these! They came out just gorgeous! Amazing work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I was just thinking that I needed some turquoise buttons and then I saw this! Serendipity. Love that. I sure hope I win. Thanks for hosting this lovely giveaway!

  22. Jude Anderson Says:

    love the colors and textures… I would love to make some new jewelry with these pieces plus learn from your finished products ~~ thanks for picking me (haha!)

  23. Kashmira Says:

    These are so cute!

  24. Shari Says:

    Those are so beautiful! I love the color and I especially love the sweet little bird. These would compliment my copper jewelry perfectly!!

  25. MJ Says:

    LOVE these. You’ve done a great job and I would love to win these.

  26. Kati Muhlhauser Says:

    What beautiful little charms! I’m especially fond of turquoise, AND of little birds! I always love to see what comes from your creative endeavors!

  27. Elaine Gill Says:

    These are very cute…perfect for summer blues! Thanks for the opportunity!

  28. Beads Making Says:

    I love the designs themselves but the blue finish is what really makes these perfect! Great job.

  29. Michelle W Says:

    Those beads are so cute! I love the blue and brown combination!

  30. Shelley Says:

    Well, hello! little blue bird of happiness!!

  31. Caron Lambert Says:

    Hi Lynn. I love these! The blue bird is so sweet, and the hammered border on the flower piece really adds something to it. The buttons seem to have little faces if you look too long, which I did, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also had a question for you…what do you use to punch holes in metal? I find that when I hammer out 16 gauge wire, it is difficult to punch a hole in it. Maybe I need to work more on my hammering skills too, but I just haven’t found an effective tool. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Hi, Caron. Thanks for the compliments and your question. As to an answer: I use a jewelry metal hole punch plier. 1.8mm size hole. Seems to work for the copper washer pieces I make and other metal,although they do come in other sizes too. I’m pretty sure it’s good to an 18 gauge thickness of metal. If you’re metal is 16 g. it might be too thick for the plier to work well. I also find I need to file the back side of the hole smooth as it can be a bit rough. Mine is similar to this one:
      Hope this helps.

      • Caron Lambert Says:

        Lynda, thank you so much for the advice. I might be using too thick of a wire. I find that once the wire hardens from my hammering on it, the hole is a beast to punch. I will check these out. Thanks again.


  32. Lori Ackerman Says:

    Love the colors!!! Please enter me in the drawing.

  33. Thelma Brennan Says:

    Beautiful design! Lovely color! Hope I get them

  34. I forgot to fill out the last entry

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