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More Pebbles and a Familiar Friend October 10, 2012

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Wow, two posts in one day. I’m a regular jewelry making factory. Taking photos is something I like to do right away.

And today, I’m taking advantage of the sun while it’s out. We’re suppose to get our first rain of the season tonight. Yeah!

Rooted around in my stash for more “rocks and pebbles” and up comes these gorgeous silver fresh water pearl nuggets.

They remind my of shiny ocean tumbled pebbles.

Voila! Two different necklaces.

And finally, the postman delivered  some fabulous poly clay beads from Heather Powers at Humblebeads.

Please do check out her amazing bead shop!

So funny, that this same gal played a part in my last post!

I will end with a nod to Heggie, the little hedgehog of author-illustrator Jan Brett fame.

She shows up in almost every book.

Heather’s beads will play a special part in some earrings for my daughter, Sara, whose favorite children’s author is Jan Brett.

           Can’t get over these adorable beads!              



One Response to “More Pebbles and a Familiar Friend”

  1. Oh,…I just love those pearls Lynda!! Gorgeous!! Thanks for the dose of pearl eye-candy. And, Heather’s little hedgehogs are so adorable. I’m sure your daughter will love her earrings you make with them!

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