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Rocks and Pebbles October 10, 2012

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A recent shopping trip to a store that features glass beads turned up some strands of beauties. I was especially taken with the two strands of “rocks and pebbles” that look like they were freshly dug up from an archaeological site. Never seen anything like these before and I just fell in love with them.

Where to begin?

One strand of  autumn hued glass beads begged to be strung on silk cord.

Another found a nice home paired with turquoise on my favorite brass chain, with hints of bright copper.

This last shot is a peek at my overhaul of some tired old black flocked display boards.

I love the au naturale look, even if they are a bit messy despite three coats of a fixative spray.

Thanks so much, Monique, for sending the URL for this easy, cheap makeover idea.

And thanks go to Heather Powers of Humblebeads, the talented creator behind this project.


8 Responses to “Rocks and Pebbles”

  1. Monique U Says:

    Love those bead colours, Lynda. Did you see the display makeover on Heather Powers’ blog?

    I know if you go on Pinterest, they say sometimes the ideas get pinned so many times, the original is sometimes hard to find!

  2. Cassi Says:

    I love the silk cord necklace –that really complements the beads and your balance is so great. I need to learn that knotting technique 🙂

  3. Lynda – these beads are gorgeous – I would love to shop at that bead store w/you!! Your designs are really nice. I especially love the hand knotted one,…but you know me, of course I’d like that one the most! I’ve been doing a lot of the hand-knotted ones for a shop I am dropping things off to – hopefully they’ll all look as nice as yours! The turquoise and green beads are beautiful together and that design is smashing as well! I love your overhaul on the necklace bust – super cool!

    • Hi, Shel, Glad you like these unique beads, too. I’ve never seen anything like them before. So fun to play with! Hope you’re getting along with the knotting projects. For me it’s kind of a Zen activity, once I get into the rhythm. Good luck!

  4. Donna Turner Says:

    Oooh, I love these! But you know I am partial to rocks, don’t you? Where is your next event? I want to see these in person.

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