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Cherry Silk October 12, 2012

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Love the golds, bronzes, and pinks in these faceted oval cherry quartz beads.

They are perfect on a caramel colored silk cord and paired with faceted amber crystal rounds.

I’m closing up the workshop for a while to focus on finishing the gathering of supplies and packing for our trip to Ghana.

Just received an email from one of the teachers at the primary school that there are 4 new teachers assigned,

due to an increase in enrollment, and a new headmaster. Better get busy!

As an aside, the rich color of the wood background is from our first seasonal rain here in Southern California.

I think I like this better and may have to hose down my porch before each photo shoot

or refinish the porch. Nope… too lazy.


4 Responses to “Cherry Silk”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I really like this. Did you put knots in between the beads like the type that are used in stringing pearls?

  2. Oh Yummy Lynda – I absolutely adore this necklace and earring set!! I love doing station knotting like this and the gemstones you used make this set so incredibly beautiful – they really stand out and look amazing!

  3. JoAnn Says:

    Beautiful set

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