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Charming Chains November 28, 2012

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I’m thrilled to have received a clean bill of health from the Doctor (after taking 5 vials of blood).

So, now it’s back to work getting lots of inventory into four stores for the holidays.

These necklaces are very similar to the charmed leather ones I love making,

but using a variety of metal chains, crystals, and odds and ends.

Also added bits of sparkly old jewelry and altered painted charms.

They are 33-35 inches in length and easily slip over the head,

so no clasps needed!  Bonus!


2 Responses to “Charming Chains”

  1. Lois D Says:

    Praise God for your clean bill of health!
    Your “Charming Chains” are wonderful. I can see why you have fun making these, along with your leather ones. Love the designs.

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