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Key to My Heart January 9, 2013

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Is it too soon?

To mention Valentine’s Day?

Two store owners are asking me what I have planned for Valentine’s Day jewelry.

Their stores had  neat sections of half-priced Christmas goodies

and both owners were busy rearranging their merchandise.

Out with the old…In with the new.

                                                      So these are a few things I’m working on.

key charms 1

key charms 2

I’m very thankful that the long chain charm necklaces sold well during the holidays.

So I decided to stay with this idea, but on a smaller scale.

Especially after finding a package of 12 brass key charms in the Wedding/Bridal section of

the big M store. Surprisingly cheaper than what you can find in the jewelry aisles.

I’ll definitely have to keep this in mind for the future.

Also received a lovely little package last week from Teresa at Bo Hulley Beads

wonderful ceramic bead artist. A giveaway prize!  Lucky me!

tulley beads

I’m thinking a bracelet on leather cord with these beautiful beads and heart,

just in time for You-Know-What-Day!

tulley ornament

This package travel all the way from Great Britain

and she even tuck in a sweet Christmas ornament as an extra surprise.

Do you have anything going jewelry-wise for Valentine’s Day ??

I’d love to hear about your plans.


Hold on a sec…Decided to add just one more photo.

Just finished this bracelet using some, but not all of the Bo Hulley Beads.

Knotted onto 1mm turquoise leather cord.

Hulley bracelet


10 Responses to “Key to My Heart”

  1. Lois D Says:

    I just love your chain charm necklaces. Such a wonderful design and alternative way to wear your favorite charms.
    My plans for Valentine’s Day jewelry? Well, I’m new to making jewelry (but ‘old’, having seen many V. Day’s – haha) so this year I’ll just be making bracelets and necklaces for my nieces, grand-nieces and my sister and her relatives. I had my first and only ‘show’ in November and that was fun! Am looking forward to another one in the spring.
    Thanks for sharing your artistry and I do hope you are continuing to feel better each day.
    Grace and Peace to you and yours,

    • Thanks, Lois, for your best wishes. I am completely healthy. It’s one of our great joys as designers, isn’t it, to be able to create personal pieces of jewelry for our family and friends? And, congrats, on your first show!

  2. Kathleen Davis Says:

    I started to work on Valentines day stuff, but my time is sure running out. Here is a pair of earrings that I made, that are my own design.

    DSC06672.JPG Can you see the hearts? Silvery hearts and those pretty glass hearts with a rose in the center. My girlfriend said these are fun and funky – reminds her of her hippy days! I made a few more pair and I am going to send these into Stringing magazine. I am trying to get more ‘exposure’ and really need it…

    Love what you are doing with your jewelry. Always glad to get your blog.

    Kathy Zee

    • Happy New Year, Kathy! I’d love to see what you’re creating for V-Day. Sadly, the photo didn’t transfer. Could you possibly send the photo to my email, instead? And best wishes on your New Year goal of getting your name and creations out there! Good luck!

  3. Kathy Zee Says:

    I just emailed you a picture of a pair of string earrings with hearts…I will be submitting these into Stringing magazine along with some others I have made. I love what you are doing with your designs. Always glad to see your email.

  4. Cassi Says:

    Gorgeous bracelet –I love those beads, and I really like the way you attached the heart. Those charm necklaces are great as well 🙂

  5. I absolutely love charm necklaces and yours with the keys are super pretty!! I have a thing about keys, locks and doors, so they’re right up my alley!! And those beads you received – oh my how yummy are those?!!! And the bracelet you created using them is a stunner – love those colors!

  6. artsychicksw Says:

    I am enjoying your blog and seeing your designs. I’m new to blogging so I try to see what others have to say about the topics I blog about after I’ve made a post. This is how I came across your blog. Aren’t you lucky to win that gorgeous string of beads? And you did such a nice job putting them together into the bracelet. I recently won a give away, too, from Vintaj and Bead Inspirations…such fun getting free goodies in my mailbox and I’ve already started using them just as you did.
    I hope you’ll take the time to visit my blog at or my shop at I welcome any feedback you might have to my blogging…I’m more than willing to learn from those who have been doing it longer than I.
    Continue creating beautiful pieces! Peace to your heart, Sara W

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