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Week Four February 6, 2013

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At last night’s jewelry class, Pam showed us not only how to use brass rivets

as decorative additions to jewelry, she also demonstrated how to attach sterling wire

to make post style earrings using solder and sterling jump rings.

Jump rings?!, you say!   Yes, sterling jump rings, little tiny ones.

 The jump ring is placed on the back of the earring where you want  the post to be

and put your tiny piece of solder into the center of the jump ring.

As the solder and jump ring get to that magic melting moment, you stick the wire into the puddle.

A nice solid ear post.

So you might think I was chomping at the bit to try this out, but noooo…

I had other  plans for my time. After last week’s project with using aluminum sheets,

I really wanted to try out a couple of ideas.

I cut out some simple hearts with the heavy-duty kitchen shears,

and again…file, file, file, sand, sand, sand.

Used a drill to easily make the holes.  Now my experiment.

I used the StazOn ink to stamp both pieces.

And let them dry, with fingers crossed that they wouldn’t smear.

When I got home, I coated them with a satin varnish and added the wire bits.

These prints took well, but not as crisp and clean as I’d like.

Need to work on my inking technique some more.

However, I did learn that you can easily sand off your mistakes and print again if needed.

Stamped Birds

Next, I wanted to see what effects I could get with the alcohol inks,

so I made these cute little bird shapes.

And you guessed it…sand, sand, sand, etc…

Blue Birds

I’m very happy with both of these and think they are pretty sweet earrings.

The few remaining minutes of the class were spent at the torch stations,

making more of these copper head pins.

Just loving these rosy pink ball ends!

copper head pins


7 Responses to “Week Four”

  1. Diane (Dewdrop Designs) Says:

    I really like them, I think the print looks nice and I love those little birdies!

    • Love these little blue birds, too, Diane. You know when you have an image in your head of something and you just hope with all your might that you can make it happen. These earrings were kind of like that. The way the ink flowed on the metal was a happy surprise though.

  2. so pretty, you inspire me to try something new and I absolutely love your work :0)

  3. artsychicksw Says:

    I love your earrings! While I adore them both, I have an affinity for birds, especially bluebirds, so they are my favorite. The stamping is a great idea as well. I’ve wanted to do stamping on antiqued brass, but I don’t have the StazOn ink…need to get some. I’ve thought of inking and sealing it, but sometimes the sealant makes the ink spread so I’d better hold out for StazOn.
    Keep up the wonderful creating!

    • Yes, I only tried the StazOn for that very reason. And lo and behold, it didn’t smear when the varnish was applied! I also used StazOn to stamp poly clay pieces, both before and after baking.
      The black and blue worked great. The red turned and uneven pink with the heat from the oven. Not so good. Thanks for visiting the blog!

      • Liza B Says:

        I really like those Birds! It looks as though they have a patterned texture. Or are my eyes deceiving me?
        How did you do this. I can’t imagine how you have the time to do such great jewelry and keep up with your blog. Thanks for sharing the lessons. Big help!

      • Glad you liked the earrings, Lisa! Retirement does have it’s benefits. And if you’re referring to the blue birds(painted with alcohol inks)…yes, I did run the aluminum sheet through a rolling mill with a piece of lace first…before cutting out the bird shape. Good eye you have there! I forgot to mention that step in my post.

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