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Copper Kick February 23, 2013

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Sometimes I find myself honed in on something…

could be a technique, a color palette, or a material to work with.

I seem to return again and again to copper.

I know I’ve written many posts about its joys…

malleability, affordability (actually cheap or FREE), and beauty in the variety of patinas.

Plus so many colors look fabulous  paired with copper.

Here’s the finished bracelet from the 1/4 inch copper tubing

I put through the rolling mill a couple of weeks ago.

Decided to wrap on a trio of raw amethysts and finish it off as a bangle.

amethyst bangle

And the copper heart…into this sweet necklace.

heart on fire chain

Cut some copper sheet into simple rectangles

and gave them the same texturing and heat patina.

Hammered pendants



Remember the cool s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d copper washers?

Again a simple finish to showcase the copper”s beauty.

long heat copper



Finally, a pair of pretty oxidized leaf earrings with deep teal glass drops.

Teal glass leaves

Do you have anything you keep returning to?

What is it that keeps drawing you back?


3 Responses to “Copper Kick”

  1. The color blue draws me in every time. I can’t resist blues, be it gemstones or silk ribbon, it all calls my name! Your pieces are lovely, a real inspiration!

  2. Pearls draw me in – always. But in trying to step away and design with other things, I think I like fibers and their textures. Leather’s a sure one with me or anything that I can hand-knot! Then there’s silver,…and turquoise! So many things to hold my attention. Your designs are very cool – love the colors you’ve acheived w/all the copper pieces – very nice indeed!

  3. Duke of Jahan Jewelry Says:

    Wow you are so talented. I love how even though you use metal, you still manage to make it look so natural if that makes sense 🙂

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