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Dishing It Up! March 4, 2013

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Remember those copper blanks I punched out in class last week…

here’s a few pair of earrings that have my new favorite shape.

 I think of them as hammered, convex little serving dishes for special beads or stones.

First, I textured them all over with the round end of a ball peen hammer

on the steel bench block.

Punched a hole for the ear wire.

The back of the hole can be very rough and scratchy,

so this is the time to file the edges smooth.

Next step is to dome the piece.

I used an inexpensive wood dapping block (50% off Michael’s coupon!)

Wood was recommended so as not to lose too much of the texture.

dapping block

Next I chose to finish them with three different patina finishes. 

First one was oxidized, then scrubbed with fine steel wool.

Oxy dish

This pair was oxidized with LOS too,

but I loved the steely gray and just shined it up.

gray dish

And of course, just had to give one pair the flame.

flame dish

I definitely need to give another shout out to the amazing Bo Hulley Beads

used up the last of the stash I won awhile ago from Teresa.

Gotta get some more of these…so colorful and fun to design with.

Bo Hulley bracelet

Longish post today, but I just have to show something I’m so excited about…

my new workbench!  Well, it will be very soon.

My dear husband is out in the garage right now building

the framed pegboard for my tool rack .

His dad built this workbench eons ago

and we’ve had it for probably 20 years in our garage…

well used and an ugly blue. I painted it a delicious chocolate-brown.

It’s also getting a new top (a large left over piece of our Corian kitchen counter).




3 Responses to “Dishing It Up!”

  1. What a great post! It’s something for everyone (or all for one?). I love those pieces of copper and what you did with them. Amazing and lovely. The Bo Hulley beads are great, really awesome. AND a new workbench. So great. It’s going to be so useful. WTG!!!

  2. A bench is definitely worth a ZOWIE, Lynda! Your earrings are so full of personality… “little serving dishes for special beads”… I love that!

  3. Zan Says:

    You are having way too much fun!

    Thanks for writing about the wooden dapper. I have almost bout it many times but wondered if it was worth the price even at 40 or 50% off. Now I know.

    Keep on having fun and blogging about it!

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