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My P-R-e-c-i-o-u-s… March 6, 2013

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I know.


But I must admit that I came this close to saying it last night

when my ring was finally finished.

lapis 1

lapis 2

lapis 3

Note to self:   next time think about hiring a ‘hand model’.


22 Responses to “My P-R-e-c-i-o-u-s…”

  1. It really does look “precious”, Lynda! I have seriously considered using my twin nieces as models. They work cheap *TeeHee*

  2. Juanita Says:

    Yay! It’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sally Anderson Says:

    This is an incredibly beautiful ring. I love it and am so amazed that you could make this! WTG!

  4. Christie M Says:

    That is lovely! What a great job you’ve done- I’m sure it’ll be one you’ll treasure for a long time.

  5. I’d have been doing the happy dance waiving my hand in the air if I created this beauty – it’s stunning! I’m happy that it turned out so perfectly – your hard work really paid off!

    • I must admit there was some dancing when my ring passed the teacher’s thumbnail test. After soldering, you present your ring for this final test. She tries to insert her thumbnail into each solder joint to see if it will lift. And oh joy! All four of the ring shank joints were solid!

  6. Linda Says:

    Beautiful hands that made that beautiful ring. Very nice job!!!!

  7. Donna Turner Says:

    You made that??! Wow. I really enjoy seeing your handiwork and creativity.

  8. Susan F. Says:

    You did a beautiful job!

  9. Lovely ring! I’m impressed. I don’t know you but have been enjoying your blog… I’m in total agreement with Linda that beautiful hands made that!

  10. Shirley Says:

    Wonderful!!! Lapis?

  11. Nancy Henson Says:

    Why do you say its corney – if I didn’t already have one, I’d love to own that. Where do you have items for sale?

    • Hello,Nancy! Thanks for your comments. Right now I only sell in stores locally(San Diego area). However, if you are interested in something I’m happy to email you privately with the price and information. I’ve done this successfully many times before. Actually, I’m seriously considering “opening” and on line store sometime this year. It’s a big step for me!

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