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Going to the Source March 13, 2013

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Last night was Week Eight of class. One more to go in this session.

I was doing some thinking about what I most enjoyed, learned, explored…

Sheet metals.

Aluminum, copper, some sterling silver and sterling plated.

Then it occurred to me that over the past year, I have enjoyed and challenged myself

to go to the source materials in making jewelry.

By that I mean to make more and more of my own findings and components,

 instead of buying from others.

Ear wires, head pins, jump rings, clasps, metal components and some polymer beads.

 To make from scratch as much of the piece of jewelry as I can

or have the time and energy to do.

Not always, but working toward starting with “the raw”.

 This has meant some “not so interesting” time spent in factory mode…

longish sessions making those head pins, ear wires,

and clasps to have a supply on hand, ready to go.

But in the end, very satisfying to use in the work.

So on to what I’ve made from copper and tin sheet metal this week.

curved copper shield

gold tin 2

gold tin


blue tin

These copper cuffs and discs are going to be used for experimentation work

in the newest Love My Art Jewelry Boot Camp…hand texturing metal!

If you want to play along or just see what it’s about,

I encourage you to check out their post.

copper cuffs

These grungy looking copper blanks are annealed for softness

in order to get better texturing.

Absolutely love using the disc cutter in class.

And Pam brought out a large set of decorative metal punches for stamping

that I barely had time to try out.

I definitely need lots more practice on this.

copper blanks

And ta-dah!  My new workbench!

Woodworking by my hubby with painting by me.

I’m spending a delightful time this morning organizing the pegboard

to hold some of my tools and gadgets.


What are you working on this week?  I’d love to hear!


10 Responses to “Going to the Source”

  1. Liza B Says:

    I don’t have any pictures yet but I’m playing with texturing, patination, and some amusing brooch ideas. I’ll post when they are done. Can I access what you did with aluminum? I’m fascinated with the idea. Keep on having fun with what you are doing.
    Liza B.

    • Hi, Liza! Thanks for sharing today. Sounds like you’re having some fun with metals, too. Regarding the aluminum pieces…if you go to the sidebar of my blog in the “tag cloud” and click on sheet metal, you can scroll down to a post with some cute earrings I cut from aluminum. You can often get cheap or free aluminum scrap pieces at a recycling place. You might call around. And it’s easy to cut out shapes with a pair of heavy duty kitchen shears. Some filing and sanding are needed to smooth out the shapes.

  2. Congratulations to your new workbench! I just discovered your blog and look forward to be following. I like to work with silver and titanium, but am also exploring copper and brass more and more. I love the background to the name of your blog! Actually, I see both bread and jewellery as kind of “key components” in human civilisation, every culture has its own bread and jewellery, for every occasion, and both of them have lots of symbolic meaning. I sense you will be baking great designs by your new workbench!

    • Welcome aboard! The high price of sterling silver may had done some good…by encouraging us to explore the wonderful properties of other metals! Glad to hear you are on that journey too. And I do appreciate your insights into the ‘key components’ of life. Love this!

  3. Diane Says:

    I lost my son a few months ago and have not been in the mind set to work on anything creative. I am starting to want to be creative again, but still can’t go out to the studio as my son was almost always out there with me. Some of our best times together were out in that studio. So, right now I am playing with stamps and colored pencils that will later be incorporated into jewelry when I get up the nerve to go out there again.

    • Oh, Diane, I’m touched that you shared something so personal with me. And please accept my deep sympathy for your loss. I do hope that when you are ready, the studio would be a place of continued healing for you.

  4. I love your goal of trying to make as many of your components yourself as possible. I hope to get there someday myself and you might have just inspired me to make learning how to make my own ear wires be my next skill to tackle! This week I’m working on wrapping up a few small projects that got abandoned half-way through when life got hectic…and to organize and put away my recent purchases. Not to sexy or exciting, but I need to clear my workspace up a bit before I venture on to new projects.

    Diane, big hugs to you… I don’t know you, but my heart hurts for you and your loss. I’m glad that you are starting to want to create again and hope you will find peace and healing.

    • Diane Says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, it really means a lot to me. I had basically closed myself off from the world. I’m starting to open up a bit and am finding that most people have been very kind.

  5. CraftyHope Says:

    Oh, NICE! I really love what you’re creating here and can’t wait to see where it goes!

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