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Copper Works April 17, 2013

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This post will be mostly photos.

The textured copper post earrings were made in jewelry class last night and are not quite finished.

My first time attempting to attach sterling silver wire posts…a bit tricky for me.

I included a shot of an earring where the post “popped” off in the pickle solution,

which means that it really wasn’t a good soldering job.  GRRR… Try again.

 I’m also going to try and give the left earring a bit more texture to match the right one a little better.

Pam had purchased some really cool texturing hammers for us to use.

Then, into the tumbler for a good polishing.

Also thinking about adding some aquamarine nugget dangles.  Not sure…what do you think??

Last is a bracelet with a toggle clasp I made from a piece of copper sheet.

Added some of those pale green aquamarine nuggets.

copper post

copper post 3

copper post 2

post boo boo

Pam showed us a little different method of soldering on a post from Rio Grande.

See the tiny sterling jump ring?

You put the solder piece into the middle of the jump ring.

Then when they start to ‘liquify’ you quickly stick the end of the post wire into the puddle

and take the flame away and let the solder cool.

Nifty when it works! And a very strong earring post.

copper toggle 2

copper toggle

Copper and Aquamarine Bracelet just listed in my Etsy shop today…


6 Responses to “Copper Works”

  1. Diane Says:

    I absolutely love the bracelet. I really like the earrings too, my vote is to leave them plain metal without the stone. I am an aquamarine lover, but I think the texture on the earrings is enough and beautiful in the more simple, stoneless way. I wish I could take all these classes that you do!

    • Thanks, Diane! The texture is pretty sweet and these discs are pretty large…one inch in diameter. So maybe that is enough. I wish you, and everyone who wants to learn, could have access to something like this class too!

  2. Nan Smith Says:

    Personally I’d leave the earrings as they are without the dangle. Gorgeous texture-beautiful earrings!

  3. Linda Says:

    I would add the aquamarine but I am more the glam type. The texture is great and so is the bracelet. What kind of hammer did you use? I like the idea for the soldering. Do you have the Rio link for the instructions.

    • Hello, Linda! Appreciate your input on adding the stones to the earrings. I too love the soft green stones with the copper.
      There were three different two sided hammers that the teacher purchased through Rio Grande. So six different texture options. These earrings show just one and I had a hard time choosing!! Regarding instructions for the post soldering…sadly I do not have a link and had no luck searching Rio’s site for them. I got the idea from Pam’s remark that she had attended some sort of class through them or perhaps a workshop at a bead show?? I’ll have to ask her more about it and get back to you.

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