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Signs of Spring April 27, 2013

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No jewelry today…

Just a few photos of some signs of Spring here in Southern California.

If it’s Springtime, then it’s also time for the rattlesnakes to make an appearance.

And time for Tug to get his rattlesnake anti-venom booster shot at the vet

and another rattlesnake avoidance training class.

Being the nosey beagle that he is, we decided that these are important for him each year.

He passed with flying colors!

They use real live snakes, but tape their mouths shut.

I certainly wouldn’t  want that job…



This last photo is Mama Hummer sitting on her nest keeping three tiny eggs warm.

The nest is right outside our back door.

She’s going to have her hands full pretty soon keeping those little ones fed.


Hope you are seeing some wonderful signs of Spring in your neighborhood today!



8 Responses to “Signs of Spring”

  1. To me it sounds scary to have rattlesnakes around, that’s something we are not familiar with in Northern Europe. Great that there are trainings for dogs (i learned something new here). We are enjoying spring in the Netherlands too, with trees and bushes turning green, and of course: tulips!

    • Rattlers are a very real danger and since we like to hike with our pup, we felt it wise to take these precautions. Treatment for a snake bite is extremely expensive and the venom can still leave lasting damage in a dog.
      Oooh, tulips! I’d love to be surrounded by those colorful blooms!

  2. Tamara Says:

    What a beautiful little hummer! Funny to see them sitting still. I wish I had a hummer nest in my yard. Rattlesnakes, not so much!

    • This mama bird is so patient. Occasionally, I go out to peek and she’s not on the nest…but notice that she’s sitting on a branch just above the nest, still keeping a close eye on her eggs.

  3. Susan F. Says:

    I had no idea that there are anti-venom boosters for dogs or rattlesnake aversion classes. That’s fantastic. I think they should be offered in NW FL because we have lots of canebrake/timber, Eastern diamondback, & pygmy rattlesnakes around here.

    That little hummer is precious. I’ve had the luck of finding their vacated nests a few times and was shocked to see how truly tiny they are.

    Enjoy Spring & give Tug a few ear scratches for me. 🙂

  4. Jamie Says:

    What a sweet hummingbird. Nice photo too. I just love spring.

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