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More Signs of Spring May 2, 2013

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Mama Hummer’s perseverance has finally paid off!

 We’re pretty sure there are two babies in the nest,

but didn’t want to disturb the nesting site trying to get a better look inside.

It’s much more roomy inside the nest than it appears.

The opening has a visibly smaller diameter.

Fuzzy little heads were tucked down close to the body.

 Must be nap time.

hummer nest 1

  For a better peek, click the photos to enlarge.

hummer nest 2

Another spring day project…

making more earrings for the Tin Botanical collection.

These are from Brighton jewelry box tins.

Fun and a bit flirty.

red coral tin

blue bead tin

pearl tin

Last is a class update…

we’re back to some bezel work, which is fantastic.

Making one ring certainly does not make me proficient at this.

 This time, it’s all earrings.

For this project, I chose two smallish turquoise cabochons

and a fine silver scallop edged bezel strip.

I decided to keep the stone setting simple and forgo adding any trim strip.

turquoise bezel 2

turquoise bezel

However, I’m not a big fan of post earrings myself,

so I began thinking about how to add a piece to the top of the bezel

so they could hang from an ear wire.   Hmmn…just solder on a jump ring??

 After doodling a few wire designs on a post it note

and checking with Pam about the ‘do-ability’ of my plan,

I settled on a simple spiral wire design to solder to the top of each bezel.

Gonna give it my best shot next class.

Stay tuned…


8 Responses to “More Signs of Spring”

  1. Diane Says:

    I love your hummer updates. Can’t wait to see more of the babies growing up as well as more of your jewelry of course. It is so inspiring to see how much you have progressed since I started following your blog a few short months ago.

  2. Alice Says:

    Awwww, those tiny nests are darling. Thanks for the update. I love those tin earring components, and can’t wait to see the results of your bezel earrings..

  3. oh, little baby hummers,..
    Your earrings are very nice – love those blue ones, especially. and the ones with the pearls!
    Hope your earrings turn out in class. I think they weill be awesome!!

  4. Hi, friend! Right now all we could see were little bundles of dark feathers. I think they must have just hatched. And thanks for sending positive thoughts this way on the earrings! I’m always hopeful!

  5. Monique U Says:

    Whenever you post those colourful tin pieces, they just steal the show for me, Lynda. I am curious: are these thrift store finds? If I look online for “Brighton jewelry box tins”, the prices are such that I wouldn’t be tempted to cut them up!

    • Good morning, Monique! When I saw what other designers were doing with wonderfully patterned tin, I started hitting the thrift shops in my area. Found only Christmas tins until my last stop and BINGO! A bag of four Brighton tins for 2 bucks! When one of my daughters saw what I was doing with them, she gave me one more. And because the tins come with differently patterned, but coordinated, tops and bottoms, these are fantastic for some fun jewelry designs. You might check the thrift stores, but also your family and friends.

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