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Flowers and Swirls May 8, 2013

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Last time I promised an update on the bezel earring project.

Before last night’s class, I experimented with a few sterling silver wire swirl designs,

hoping that one of them would be “The One” to use as an embellishment to the bezeled turquoise stones.

Just wasn’t sure if any of them would work with just one solder joint to hold them together.

Teacher Pam is such a great resource and encourager, but even she wasn’t sure my idea would work.

But, hey…where else am I going to be able to try out new ideas!

At her suggestion, I did a bit of filing some flat edges on both the swirl bottom and bezel top.

Solder only flows with solidly touching pieces.

Even using easy solder, I was so nervous that I would melt the thin fine silver bezel before the solder flowed.

To my great relief and joy, it worked!

Swirled bezel

swirled bezel 2

The swirly designs that made the final cut was made from 14 gauge wire.

Hammered, filed, and textured with my brand new brass texture plates

that arrived in the mail on Saturday.  Love them!

I still have to figure out some cool ear wires to hang these beauties on

and also decide if I want to oxidize the swirls.


Although these two swirl designs didn’t make the cut for this project,

I think they’ll be very happy in some other earrings.

brass plates

Ordered from Forgeron Tools and Jewelry Supply.

brass pattern

Some textured, domed, and oxidized copper discs in this lovely floral pattern.

floral copper pattern

Textured these elongated copper washers (spent some time in the rolling mill).

 Can’t wait to see what oxidizing does to bring out the beauty of the patterns.


Oh, and if you could use a Cuteness Fix today, I took this shot this morning of the baby hummers.

They are quickly filling up the nest!


fuzzy babies


7 Responses to “Flowers and Swirls”

  1. Says:

    I don’t know if I’ve ever told you how much I enjoy your posts. You’re one of only two blogs I follow. We’ll be in San Diego from the beginning of June until July 14, hope we’ll get a chance to see you while we’re there. In the meantime, give our best to Glenn. Beth & Steve Hagman


    • Hi, Beth! I’m so happy to hear from you and look forward to a visit with you and Steve again this summer. We’re returning to Ghana from June 23-July10. This time with 10 high school students from our church. That’ll be a grand adventure! Call us when you get here and we’ll figure something out. Best regards to you and Steve!

  2. Diane Says:

    I love the way the earrings turned out and…….AWWWWWWWW

  3. Such cool earrings Lynda. Those turned our fantastic! I’m living vicariously through you in your metalsmith classes – just sayin’!! LOL!! 🙂 Love the textured metal disks and ovals, too – those are sure to be pretty earrings soon!

    • Thanks so much, Shel…I’m pretty darn happy with the way they turned out too. Didn’t know I had it in me when I started this class, but these little adventures and surprises keep us going, right?

  4. aurumeve Says:

    The turquoise earrings are really beautiful and unique. You found a way to combine two elements gracefully – a large statement stone and “the swirl” usually by itself or wit htiny gems. Your piece is beautiful! ~Global Jewelry

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